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Manufacture of fibre reinforced plastic parts using presswork techniques

On our 25,000 kN press we manufacture thermo and duroplastic semi-finished fibre products for the most diverse components. In this respect we assume all the process steps on behalf of our customers based on the material specific advice, through tooling design to mechanical reworking and quality control using 3D measurement procedures.

  • Material and production engineering, project-related advice
  • Process planning and project management
  • Component design and customer-specific component development
  • Tooling design based on your 3D component data
  • Tooling manufacture
  • Component manufacturing in the desired production step (blank, milled part, as pre-fitted subassembly)
  • Quality management and assurance in compliance with your specifications



Process planning and tooling development

In close cooperation with our customers we assume the planning and implementation of all steps necessary for the manufacturing of components by means of press moulding, including:

  • Assistance with material selection
  • Implementation of design alterations to the component (draft angles etc.)
  • Organisation /incorporation of inserts and connecting elements
  • Development and construction of the press tooling
  • Coordination and consultation with external suppliers
  • Quality control /measurement logs
  • Logistics for punctual delivery


Adoption of currently existing press tooling

Tooling already available can be deployed:

  • as backup capacity for your ongoing series
  • as deviation technology for your presswork
  • to secure the spare parts requirement for discontinuing series
  • for tool trialling and process optimisation
  • for the production of patterns and prototypes
  • for pilot, initial series and short runs


Machining of plastic parts

Machining of (fiber reinforced) plastic parts, e.g.:

  • Milling processing
  • Drilling holes,  attach inserts and fastening elements
  • Deburring